Our Services

Aside Education, other services we render at An-Nubalaa International Academy are:

Our Services

We provide for you quality and accessible learning environment with a high preference for individual student’s learning style and capacity. 

Students of An-Nubalaa learn and memorize the Quran accurately with scholars from prestigious Universities of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Egypt.


Our online Quran memorization course focuses on completing the memorization of the Book of Allah in the shortest time with high accuracy. Our instructors’ expertise makes Quran memorization for kids and adults alike easier than attempting this great endeavour alone, or with unqualified tutors.


Each instructor is rich and versed in Islamic history, Hadith and general religious studies, so he or she can not only provide a richer understanding through Quran memorization online but also help to apply its principles to everyday life.


Meanwhile, any action, utterance or Taqrir (deliberate silence) or quality associated with The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is called Hadith.


Our students are introduced to the basics of Hadith, its history, compilation, the terminologies, the books, and the allied studies of Hadiths.


Having grasped this course, the students are able to understand the fundamentals of the Science of Hadith and be equipped with a great number of authentic Hadiths.

An-Nubalaa offers the best Arabic online course programs to learn the Arabic language with Qualified Arabic Tutors. Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries with approximately 300 million native speakers, Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the 5th most commonly spoken language worldwide. Learn the Arabic language online at An-Nubalaa International Academy.


We are providing a dedicated online Arabic course for all students around the world seeking to learn Arabic with proficiency and skills in a short period. All you need is to get ready and meet your tutors in live virtual classrooms.


However, having proficiency in Arabic may not be enough, An-Nubalaa thus provides online Islamic classes on Zoom for non-Arabic speakers. We mostly do use the books of Medina University to teach our students. These books will help the student to learn the Arabic language and the religion of Islam; some main topics include: faith, creed, Fiqh, or biography of the Prophet -peace be upon him-, etc.


The goal of these online Islamic courses is to dispense to the students a clear comprehension of the Islamic creed according to the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, our online Islamic classes are taught by scholars who are sound in Aqeedah and Fiqh, who can also teach classical books such as at-Tahawiyah, Madaarij As-Saalikeen and others.

We do accurate translation of books, journals, legal documents, credentials e.t.c from Arabic to English and vice versa. Translation at An-Nubalaa International Academy will amaze you with the following invaluable benefits:

1. Near perfect translation equivalence.

2. NITI Certified Stamp. NITI is the Nigerian Institute of Translators and Interpreters.

3. Approval and recognition in Embassies, government agencies and educational institutions in Nigeria and in foreign countries.

4. Translation Review Policy.

We offer you international standard Arabic editing for flawless language and in-depth structural enhancement by specialists from your subject area.

We are a team of Master's and PhD-level editors who specialize in reviewing Arabic thesis/dissertations, manuscripts prior to journal publication, and other academic project.

Our editors are carefully screened and selected to ensure their editing skills are exceptional and second to none. Each of them has years of writing and publishing experience. They know how to carefully analyze each sentence to identify and fix grammatical errors while still maintaining the proper meaning of the idea being conveyed by the author. In addition, helpful comments are added to provide further writing insights for the author.


Our Simple Process

1. Upload File

2. Make payment

3. Specialized Editor Matched to Your Subject Area

4. Publication Ready Document

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