Ramadan Free Qur’an Training

You’d like to learn how to recite Qur’an?

You’d like to perfect your recitation?

You have been missing huge rewards during Ramadan and you want this coming RAMADAN to be a prosperous one for you?

Oh… You can read perfectly but you know someone who cannot read Qur’an and he is longing to ?

An-Nubalaa International Academy has collaborated with her Foundation to offer you a month FREE ONLINE TRAINING in Qur’an learning!!!

It is absolutely free!

Competent Male and Female Tutors and ready to teach you during Ramadan 2021.
Maa shaa Allah! Interested in this ?



5 thoughts on “Ramadan Free Qur’an Training”

  1. An-Nubala International Academy is inarguably one of the best online Arabic classes I’ve ever attended.

    The classes are well structured, detailed and very interactive, which makes it easier for the student to learn at good pace. May Allah reward all the coordinators

    Rasheeda from United Kingdom.

  2. Aliu sofiat
    From Nigeria
    It’s a great priviledge to be part of this enlightening program at the citadel of knowledge. My experience has been very excitful and inspiring, and most of all very tasking because students are well engage in every process of learning. One of the things that makes it stands out is because it provides for individuals learning capacity which enables each students to learn at their own pace.

  3. Kabirah Adeshina Adeola
    From Nigeria.

    I am delighted to be part of this program. An Nubala International Academy has really go a long way to help and aid someone like me. May the Almighty Allah reward and bless you abundantly. May He continue to shower His choicest blessings on you.

    Jazakumullah Khayran

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