Registration into An-Nubalaa International Academy Starts

An-Nubalaa is a registered Academic Institution and Non-Governmental Organisation founded to provide quality and accessible educational services for all across the globe and to provide a global charity platform for the delivery of humanitarian services in accordance with the doctrine of Islam.

Our Vision

To contribute towards the advancement of our society through humanitarian services and sound Islamic and Western Education by employing the latest technology platform to educate and build tomorrow’s leaders at the international level of excellence.


1. To provide quality and accessible learning environment with a high preference for individual student’s learning style and capacity.

2. To remove the barrier in knowledge-seeking by presenting to all opportunity for virtual classes in Qur’an, Science of Hadith and Arabic, using modern methodologies, without the restrictions of time and place.

3. To allow the learners to take ownership and responsibility through flexible course selection method in order to help the learners attain set desired goals.

4. To foster a system of school culture based on a strong and effective synergy among management and other relevant stakeholders.

5. To mobilize funds from legal (Halaal) source through capable and willing individuals, national and international organisations and disburse same to all qualified needy people with a focus on education, healthcare and empowerment of indigent and vulnerable individuals.

6. To facilitate strategic capacity development training and workshops, seminars, guidance and counselling sessions among Muslim Ummah.

7. To establish an institution that will help in the collection of Zakat and Sadaqah.

8. To construct or help in the construction and rehabilitation of Islamic schools/mosques.


Search no further for your Standard Arabic and Islamic E-learning Platform, as we present to you our One-on-One online tutoring classes:

  1. Online Qur’an Class
  2. Online At-Tibyaan Class
  3. Online Hadith Class
  4. Online Arabic Class

For further enquiries, contact An-Nubalaa International Academy:

Tel: 07062708547, 07035087827


Address: Plot 1,  An-Nubalaa Street, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria
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